About Us

Meet Verde

Verde is a innovative e-commerce and exporting company which runs unique operations all over the world. With its dynamic and human-based management, experienced staff and innovative perspective; Verde aims for absolute success.

We’ve helped over 150+ start-ups grow their business

Success Based on Trust

We understand the responsibilities imposed on us by the unique trust-based bonds we have established with all our employees, partners and customers, and we always fulfill our duties completely.
In The Focus Of People
Verde is based on human principles in all its work and adopts this as its motto in its entire roadmap.
Always On Time
Verde always abides by the calendar in all its operations due to its sense of responsibility towards its partners and customers.
Communication First
Verde advocates the absolute necessity and importance of communication in all its relationships.
A Long Way Friendship
Verde aims for a long-term and mutual friendship in all its relations.
Verde is always ready to support you and share its experiences as an organization that is fed by its valuable relationship with sector stakeholders and believes in the importance of cooperation.