Handling the E-Commerce from A to the Z

We provide continuous and permanent growth with our sales operations, which we successfully maintain in all globalized and proven e-commerce platforms around the world. We aim to have a minimum margin of error by carrying out all the necessary processes brought by e-commerce processes with our professional teams and equipment.

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Considering different user habits and the tools acquired by the digitalized world as inseparable parts of a body, we create pinpoint marketing operations and implement them completely.

Next Level Logistics

We provide a unique success by managing logistics operations, which are indisputably one of the most important pillars of e-commerce, with a proactive perspective.

Ultimate Success with
Ultimate Solutions

We bring success with us by moving this complex and magical chain of many different operations forward every day. With our colleagues, each of whom is an expert in their field and passionate about their work, we continue to walk without forgetting the awareness that every step we take changes the world.

Exceptional Softwares

All operations and platforms are always under our control with special softwares developed by Verde’s expert software teams.

Analytical Analysis

We create efficiency by analyzing the obtained data with advanced metrics.

Pinpoint Targeting

Thanks to our advanced audience analysis techniques, the success of marketing operations is guaranteed.

Interactive Conversions

We always create interactive conversions with the creative communication channels we establish with our target audiences.

Data-Driven Approach Always!

We constantly update all effective analysis tools without forgetting the importance of data for the right product and right channel selection. We create the design and implementation processes of all operations based on the detailed analysis of the obtained data.